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Rockstar Rep FAQ

PLEASE READ ALL INFO BEFORE YOU APPLY! Parents, the application should only be filled out by the student. Applications that appear to be filled out by parents will not be considered. 

*Who is the program open to?

-The Rockstar Rep program is open to current High School JUNIORS. You must be graduating your senior year of high school in 2025 and live in Michigan or Ohio to apply. 

*What is the purpose of the Rockstar Rep Program and how does it benefit me?

-The purpose of the Rockstar Rep program is to give an opportunity to Juniors to build an awesome set of images that they can add to their Senior Session images, themes that are photographed over a 9 month period that could never be accomplished in just one senior session. You do NOT have to refer your friends, pass out dated referral cards or do any marketing for my studio, THAT is what our photoshoots are for. Your job will be to bring your "A GAME" to each shoot, prepare by practicing poses, and show up in a cute outfit with camera ready hair and makeup, that's it! You will be taught posing during your first few shoots and before you know it you'll be a pro! If you are in aspiring model or social media influencer looking to add content to your lineup, this program is for you! You don't have to have modeling experience to be a part of our program BUT we are looking for kidsfrom the class of 2025 who have an interest in modeling and fashion forward photoshootsThis opportunity will allow you to stretch your confidence muscles, make friends, and really have a lot of creative fun. 


I am looking for fun, confident, creative, outgoing high school Juniors with a serious love for being in front of the camera! If you are uncomfortable having your picture taken, if you don't want to post your images on social media or are not active on social media up to this point, or if you're applying because your parent wants you to but you're not really interested, this may not be the opportunity for you. The bigger your personality and the more you like to express yourself though style and wardrobe, the better suited you are for the program. If your friends tell you, "YOU SHOULD BE A MODEL!" then this is going to be right up your alley! This program focuses on a FASHION FORWARD vibe, models and aspiring models should not hesitate to apply because we have such limited space! This is also an opportunity to hone your hair and makeup skills and give yourself a new look for each themed shoot. Hair and makeup ARE essential, you will be expected to have finished hair and makeup at your shoots. Part of my retouching process does require you to have "camera ready" makeup at each shoot, you can have it done or do it yourself as long as its done! Your benefits include; frequent photo shoots, beautifully retouched digital images with printing rights from each session, YOUR face in our marketing and advertising, and chance to win MODEL OF THE YEAR which includes a CASH PRIZE a TOP MODEL exclusive photoshoot! (Details to be provided at open house!)

Rockstar Reps are REQUIRED to have their Senior Portrait Session with Lindsay King Portraits. 

*How does the program work?

-The Rockstar Class of 2025 will have an exciting year of on location sessions as well as a few studio sessions, its going to be total madness and I for one am here for it. Locations and themes will be introduced at our Open House.

*How exclusive are the programs, does everyone who applies get accepted?

-Unfortunately not everyone who applies will be accepted, but I wish we had enough time in the day to include anyone who wanted to participateEvery year we have limited spots, I plan on taking 5 kids and only one per school district unless it's a large school. I am looking for kids who are active both on social media and in their schools and communities, having an active Facebook and Instagram account are a must, we use a FB private group for all communications throughout the year. 


I love kids who have self-respect and don't post images on social media that would embarrass themselves or their families later on. Our program is known for being awesome but serious about having kids with a high personal integrity and values. WHO you are is ALWAYS more important than what you look like. That said, social media is taken into consideration when reviewing your application.

*Are the shoots mandatory if I don't like the theme?

-Nope! If you aren't interested in a certain themed shoot then you are welcome to skip it. 

*What are the participation rules?

-There is a contract we will go over at our Open House. The rules are very basic and help us run a program that has high integrity.

*I have a busy schedule, how often will I need to attend an event or session?

-A schedule will be given to you for the year at open house, you can decide what level of participation works for your schedule. 

*When do I need to commit to the program?

-Our scheduled open house will give you all the information you need to make your final decision. Open House will be Virtual, and you'll have a 48 hour period after Open House to decide if this is the right fit for you.

*Do I need my parent's permission and do my parents have to be involved?


*I heard about "Retreat," what are the details for this year's retreat? 

-EEK! Retreat is AMAZING!! Retreat is a full day of shooting with a group of Rockstars in an exciting location. Retreat is an optional add on and participation is NOT required Details will be disclosed at open house. (If you're wondering, YES, this is THE Chicago trip you've heard about!) This year we will have our full retreat in Chicago and TWO Mini Retreats in other areas (recently announced on instagram!)

*I love photography, is this a program where I can learn more about photography or get help starting my photography business? 

-This program is so many things but it is not a photography mentorship. I reserve the right to decline budding photographers (though I encourage you to keep up on your craft!!!) and photographer's children or family members, due to a conflict of interest, thank you for understanding! 

*Do you have to have perfect skin or look a certain way to be selected?

-Absolutely NOT. 


*Are there any hidden fees?

-No. The rockstar fees are clearly laid out in the packet you will receive if you are invited to open house. Your packet will come a minimum of one week prior to open house so you'll have plenty of time to look over the information before our virtual meeting. Plus, we do NOT take commitments the day of Open House becuase I never want anyone to jump on board without really thinking it over, your commitment will accepted for 48 hours after open house.

*How much will I need to spend on wardrobe and accessories for these shoots?

-Hopefully very little or nothing at all. The goal is for you to use what you already have in your closet, borrow from friends or siblings, or my favorite, go thrift shopping! 

*Can I apply after the application period?

-No. The OFFICIAL application period will begin on October 1st, 2023 and will end on or before (if we fill the spots) October 31st, 2023. (Just a heads up, in the past years of the program we have never been able to reach the deadline due to an abundance of applications so if you're going to apply do it soon!)

*When Will I know that I've been accepted?

-You'll be sent an invitation for Open House no later than 11/10/23 if your application appears to be what we are looking for. Prior to sending your invitation to the email you provide on your application, we will reach out to your parents with all pricing information. If we do not hear from your parents by the deadline sent in their email we will move on to the next person on the list. Early applicants will also hear back at this time.

*What are reasons applicants get declined? (SO SO IMPORTANT!!!) 

-This is a GREAT question. If you are not active on social media, we will more than likely skip over your application. The purpose of the program is to promote the studio on social media so if you aren't active, it can't work. I am looking for kids who are active on social media, that is first and foremost, but there are some exceptions to the rule if everything else lines up and I feel like you would be a great fit.  If you ARE active on social media but have pictures with activities such as drinking, smoking, other illegal activities, or are consistently posting images that are too provocative for students who will potentially represent our studio, I will most likely decline. Social media is huge, employers and people with opportunities for you are always going check up, are you putting the best version of yourself online? I will ask for ALL social media accounts, if you have an account that you don't list we will pass over your application, this includes "spam" accounts. Please make sure to post your instagram, facebook, tiktok, and anything else that can allow me to see who you are and what you're all about! (I know that FB isn't super popular for young people BUT it is a requirement to enter the program as all communications are done in our FB private group, this is non-negotiable.) As mentioned above, I plan on taking one student per school and a total of 5 students. I do my best to pick the kids who seem most invested in the program and will take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to them. It is VERY important to me that I am filling the team with kids who want to be here, not kids who have  agreed because their parents want them to do it. 

Another reason why we may not invite you to open house is if your schedule appears to be too busy or there is any other conflict that we cannot work around. 

-*Do I need to have my hair and makeup professionally done for each shoot? 

Not at all! While some girls do schedule hair and / or makeup services for each shoot, it is not required at all. If you would like to schedule hair and makeup services, I am happy to give you a list of preferred artists, not all artists are created equally and most are not proficient in photo shoot makeup or have an understanding of how their technique and product work under studio lighting. If you aren't really into makeup, I will tell you that it IS expected that your makeup and hair are done for each shoot. Your personal style is your own but a finished face and styled hair are 100% part of what makes the success of a great photo shoot. 

Thank you for reading all of this important info!! Only students may apply, parents, I appreciate your excitement but really want to reserve the spots for kids who REALLY want to be reps, I ask that only kids apply and parents do not apply on their behalfPLEASE share this information with your parents before you apply so that they can give you a pre-approval to apply for the team. If your parents would like ANY information before you apply, please have them contact the studio at or they can call me at (419) 450.2792. 

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