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Rockstar Retreat



 Oh, the places we will go!


EEEK! I am b-e-y-o-n-d thrilled to announce our THIRD ANNUAL Rockstar Rep Retreat! This retreat will be *the* go to event to kick off the summer and you do NOT want to miss this. You can even use THIS as your full Senior session!! A one day event in the amazing city of CHICAGO, multiple locations, styled session planning, and relationship building between the senior girls is going to make an event to remember!!


You will be provided with several themed looks to gather and bring to retreat. As always, my motto is beg, borrow, and thrift, to help save some $$!! Some of my best wardrobe finds have been under $5! You will also be able to bring your own outfits to mix into our day!!


So, you're really thinking about turning this into your actual Senior session, I know the wheels are turning! Our retreat will be one day and a group Senior session will be offered the following day. I want you to have your session YOUR way, not squeezed between the rep themed shoots. To have your Senior session in the group setting on day two, you MUST participate in the actual Retreat on day one. 


Retreat Fee $1250

Includes 8x10 Flush Mount Album

30+ Fully Retouched Digital Images with Printing Rights AND my professional lab access for your own printing!



Now, we have lots more to share about Retreat, but we'll talk about that at our Rockstar Rep orientation!


  So, are YOU going to Rockstar Retreat?!

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