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Senior Retreat: Part One & Two!

Y'all. Yeah, I said it, I'm still on my southern vacation so I'm using the local tongue. Anyway, y'all, I have to tell you that our Senior Rockstar Rep Retreat was AMAZING. Our Rockstar Reps had the opportunity to participate in a FULL day of themed sessions a few weeks ago. We had four reps take the plunge and it was such an awesome, super bonding experience. I cannot wait to share with you each part of our day, but for now, here's part one, "Madd Hatter," with a splash of a few extra images from our bonus art shoot. Edited!! Now added in is Part Two, outfit of choice!! This was such a fun downtown shoot!! We had to shoot between the rain drops since it rained pretty much all day, but it was so worth it!!

Oh, and see those delicious cakes?! Those are from Diva Supreme Chocolates in Toledo! Shout out to Momma Kelly for making the perfect cakes for the occasion!!



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