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Hey Rockstar. 

Oh, hey you! I am so excited to officially welcome you to the Rockstar Rep program. With so many applications, this year's selection was the most difficult in the history of the Rockstar program, but I'm happy to report that selections were made and we think you are just the right fit! 

Now, this is a three part decision; you, your parents, and the studio. The studio says yes, you applied so I'll assume you're in, but we need your parent's consent as well. An email has been sent to the email address you provided for your parent so if you're seeing this, that means your parent is open to attending Open House to find out more about the program. 

Things to know about accepting this offer: 


*You need to download the Contract, Rockstar Welcome Pack, and Senior Pricing to the right. It is important you read though everything prior to committing to the program. 

*You MUST hold your senior session with Lindsay King Modern Photography (Lindsay King Seniors), and you may not hold a senior session or any other type of modeling session while you are in the program. Modeling for another photographer while you're in the program will result in immediate termination from the program and no refund of the participation will be given. 


*Open House will be held Sunday, October 6th at 11:30am. If you cannot make it, please email the studio RIGHT AWAY so we can make other arrangements. All Rockstars should be in attendance and it is required to have one parent with you as well. Your Rep payment and signed contract will be due within 48 hours of Open House. We will cover all the shoots themes, retreat, and an overview of the program at this time. 






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