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My favorite places to shoot are Downtown Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, but I also love a good traditional beach and nature setting. The SK Y is the limit, nothing else.

What's the Big Deal?

LKP offers a fashion forward approach on all sessions and it's that approach that has helped carve the way to being one of the most highly sought after studios in Michigan. With Senior Sessions, I always want to take it to that NEXT LEVEL, if you've got the time, I've got the time. Want to incorporate all of your hobbies? Let's do it. Want to show off your fashionable side? I'm game.Want to keep it super simple and just have some real great photos to help remember this milestone in your life? I'm your girl. 

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OH, the places we can go!

Click below to just a handful of the fun locations we can go to!


My time as a Rockstar Rep has been one of the best high school experiences I’ve had. I was able to meet a couple of really great girls and have a blast while also being a part of a program that has provided me with so many new opportunities. working with Lindsay king is always such an amazing experience! She is so fun and easy to work with, she truly is the best in her field!

Madison McElvany

Lindsay is one of a kind!! Every single time I get a new picture from her, I am in awe of her talent. Definitely my favorite photographer for the last 5 years! Oh, and to make it even better, she's SO much fun to be around!!



Picture it: You're wake up for your senior session and the morning of you look in the mirror and see a HUGE pimple on the tip of your nose! UGH! Believe it or not, lots of seniors get breakouts within a few days of their session because of all of the excitement! In nearly every session, I'm asked, "You can photoshop that, right?" And generally the answer is "Yes," but let's break down the BEST way for you to get the retouch you love by preparing for your session and what is and is not included in your Senior session retouch.

1. Drink LOTS of water in the weeks leading up to your session. Water will give your skin a healthy glow and it WILL show on camera! 

2. EXFOLIATE your skin a few times prior to your session. Dry skin shows and although I can retouch it, I can't make your skin look healthy and glowing if it just isn't. I can make it look good, but I'm not a magician. 

3. The BEST way for me to retouch your skin and get rid of any pesky blemish is if you come prepared with your makeup done. Makeup that allows for the most suitable retouch ALWAYS includes foundation, always. Why? Because this is the first thing to help cover any discoloration you may have from nerves, blemishes, or uneven pigmentation. When you have foundation on its like having a layer for me to start working with. A high end retouch can ONLY be done on skin that has been properly prepared and made up. You cannot come into your session with no makeup OR with just a little powder and mascara and expect a flawless retouch, sadly that just isn't how it works. Now, you may be thinking, "But I don't wear makeup!" and In this instance I recommend seeking a professional makeup artist who is seasoned in photoshoot makeup. (Also, not all makeup artists understand the difference between say prom makeup and photoshoot makeup so feel free to ask me for a reference!) A professional will be able to help you have a camera ready face while still maintaining your personal style and general natural look. 

4. Now, in contrast to #3, Makeup that is poorly applied (smudged eyeliner under the eyes, lips that are only partially covered with lipliner, uneven foundation application, improper color matching on your foundation, heavy makeup lines, etc) is also detrimental to how you can be retouched. If your makeup is not properly applied, a correction is NOT included in your session fee, though you can add it on per image if you'd like. I CAN retouch quite a bit, but I won't spend a massive amount of time correcting things on every-single-image that could have been easily corrected in real life prior to your session.


Now, let's talk about what's included in the Standard Retouch that is included in all sessions: 

-Skin smoothing

-Blemish removal

-Teeth whitening

-Eye Cleanup 

-Color Correction


What's Included in a High End Retouch for an additional fee: 

-Detailed skin texture correction

-Eyelash Enhancement 

-Makeup correction

-Sunburn correction 

-Digital Makeup 


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