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Hey Rockstar. 





HEY YOU!!! I am so excited to officially welcome you to the Rockstar Rep OPEN HOUSE! I'm happy to report that I think the program might be really beneficial to you and I believe you would be great for the program!!

Now, we are going to go over some important things at Open House, but I want to give you the scoop on the MOST important things now, so that if you have any questions, you can ask me anytime between now and open house.


1. There is to be absolutely NO illegal activity (smoking, drug use, alcohol use, sexting, etc).  

2. No bullying. Yes, you're a paying client of mine, but as a Rockstar, I will be holding you to a level of integrity above your peers. Your role as a Rockstar is to be a leader in your community, to show kindness and compassion in all situations. 

3. As a Rockstar, you will be expected to hold your Senior Portrait session with Lindsay. You will also be expected to NOT model for friends who are photographers or other photographers in general. Should you have a legitimate modeling opportunity arise during the length of your program, I will NOT hold you back from that, but I request that you let me know prior to the modeling job so that we can make sure its not a violation of contract. This rule is in place because as a Rockstar, you will get a lot of time and opportunity with me and I expect that you only represent my business during the program. Shooting with another photographer is a conflict of interest and suggests that you are not fulfilled with your experience in my studio. This will be covered in detail at Open House. 


A few more things to know: 


*THIS IS A PRIVATE LINK. Please, do NOT share this information with your friends. Unfortunately, not all Juniors who applied made the team. Be courteous and conscious to your friends who have applied but are not invited to Open House. 

*You need to download the Contract, Rockstar Welcome Pack, and Senior Pricing below this info. It is important you read though everything prior to Open House to make sure that this program is the right fit for you and your parents. 


*Open House will be November 21st at 11am. If you cannot make it, please email the studio RIGHT AWAY so we can make other arrangements. All future Rockstars must be in attendance and it is required to have one parent with you as well.


I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!! Please email me and let me know if you have any questions! 


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