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The Experience

Lindsay King Portraits is a fun boutique portrait studio specializing in fashion and boudoir portraits. Our clients are often looking for something fresh and original to help them feel confident, beautiful, and like the smoke show they are! We are known in our area for being the go-to studio for images that are bold and beautiful images.

You can expect an experience that is tailored to your personality and needs. Your session is going to be planned out according to what YOU envision. When it comes to Boudoir, its all about what YOU envision and what you find sexy AND comfortable. I will NEVER push you to do anything you don't want to do, you lead the way and I will follow your vision while giving you the best I have to offer.

Your session experience will begin with an email or call to the studio to layout what your session will look like. We'll talk about what you want, what you don't, and how we can get a custom session that will blow you away. YOU are unique and one of a kind, your session should be too!

The day of your session you will be treated to an uplifting experience to show you the amazing, beautiful woman you are! We will take a few minutes to get to know each other, go over our plans, and then we will get started! When I am finished photographing you, you will take an hour break by grabbing lunch or shopping around Downtown Dundee and I will cull (sort) your images and soft retouch the best of the bunch. You will then come back for same day proofing so you'll get to see your images just an hour or so after your session, no waiting!

Your order will be ready for you in just 3 weeks from the day of your session!! 

I seriously cannot wait to work with you!


The Investment

Your session experience should be as unique as you are. Whether your vision is for a simple, easy session with just an outfit or two, or you want the ultimate experience, we want to give you a session you'll be excited to show off (if you want to ;)

For a full pricing PDF please inquire here which also includes all of our 2023 session sets, and they are AMAZING!

To stay up to date on the Limited Edition Sessions or any promotions, please join our FB group

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Want Info on the next Limited Edition Session? Drop your email below!

Thanks for your interest!

Model's receive a discounted price in exchange for a release to use their images on social media.

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