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Styled Child, Attitude Gone Wild.

Personal style is EVERYTHING in your session. What does your style say about you? Are you downtown chic? Country cute? Maybe your a beachy babe, whatever your style is, I want to see it in your session. 
When you put your looks together, I want you to dress from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. For example;


*Do you need a hair accessory? i.e., head band, floral crown, messy ponytail look

*Do you have pierced ears? If you do, I want to AT LEAST see studs. Empty holes are not a good look!

*Do you have a shirt with a neck line that has space for a great necklace? 

*Does your shirt need an undershirt or special undergarment?

*How about a belt? Will that top off your look?

*Pants, don't get borning here! How about some colored jeans or faux leather leggings to really make your look stand out?

*Shoes, boots, sandals, what are you going to wear on your feet?


Color, color, color. Let me tell you, I am a girl who loves to wear black, it's really my happy place when I'm in jeans and a black t-shirt. Anyway, I digress. I want to see YOU in color. I LOVE black, and you'll look great in that too but don't forget that color!! On the flip side, the brighter the color, the more it will reflect on your skin (face, eek!)! We do recommend avoiding neon colors such as neon yellow and bright orange. 


Now, let's talk about accessories. Hats, scarves (small ones, we don't want them to eat your face!), jewelry, belts, and any other accessories that make your heart sing, should all be included in some of your session. 

So, to recap, your wardrobe sets the tone for your session location, your session location and your wardrobe together give us your session style, and THAT is what makes you stand out in the best way possible!


Now, what is even MORE important than WARDROBE? Oh girl, its your fierce ATTITUDE!!! The best picture begins with your facial expression and body language. I bring my BEST behind the camera, and you have to bring YOUR BEST in front of the camera. I want you to practice your facial expressions, do you have more than the basic smile and no smile? If the answer is no, GET TO PRACTICING! A little eyebrow raise, a cute smirk, little changes go a LONG way! The more you show the different expressions you have, the more set apart your images are from the rest and the MORE I WILL HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH! Don't be shy, bring those expressions!! 

An elegant gown with a beautiful instrument made the perfect portrait for this stunning senior!

I love matching up unique wardrobe pieces with locations that make them pop!

A simple dress with a fun headpiece can bring a sense of style and beauty to any portrait!

Soft & Simple colors are never out of style!

A little vintage hat can make a big splash in your session. (That's our hat, you can use it too!)

This bohemian nature beauty added an adorable hat for a little extra spark! Hats are such a great accessory!!!

Tall boots and a long necklace made this outfit really come together!

A gorgeous lace dress is timeliness, elegant, and absolutely stunning in this beautiful environment.

A simple look on the beach can say SO much! Not every look should be complicated or over accessorized, sometimes, simple really is best!

This gorgeous bookworm was showing her personality with her favorite reading material! Anything to incorporate who YOU are will make your session that much more unique!

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