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*Make sure your session day and time have been secured with your retainer fee. Sessions dates that have been selected are only guaranteed to be available once the retainer fee has been paid. 

*Decide on hair and makeup. Will you be using the studio stylist? If so, please book at the time of booking your date to guarantee availability. You cannot add hair and makeup the day of the session, it MUST be done in advance. 

*Fill out the "MY SESSION" Survey. This survey helps give us a better idea of who you are, what you like, and what you don't! The more we can learn about who YOU are ahead of time, the more we can customize a session that is fit perfectly for you. 

*Read the Session FAQ to answer some questions that you may have!


*Look for an email from the studio to start planning the location and details of your session. (This can be done prior to this time, please feel free to reach out if you'd like to start your planning earlier to this time frame.)

*Make sure your wardrobe is visualized; will you be bringing all casual looks? Some dressy looks? What about a formal look like a prom gown or HoCo dress? Do you want to incorporate a special uniform or vintage wardrobe piece? Will you need accessories or special shoes to match a specific outfit? 

*If you have dyed hair, PLEASE make sure your roots are retouched in a reasonable amount of time. Roots will NOT be corrected or touched up in photoshop. Girls, your hair should be trimmed no sooner than 2 weeks prior to your session, fresh ends are often harder when it comes to holding curl. Guys, give yourself enough time for your haircut that you have at least a few day of growth between your cut and your portrait session.  


*Spray tan- NOT NECESSARY, but if you get one, PLEASE make sure its done in a time frame that leaves you with an EVEN tan on session day. A "flaking" spray tan will require extensive retouching fees that are NOT included in the standard retouch that is included in your session. 

*STAY OUT OF THE SUN!! Make sure you don't get a sunburn prior to your session! The most difficult thing to retouch is skin tone, whether its from a bad spray tan or a bad sunburn. If you happen to get a sunburn in the week leading up to your session, please send pictures to Lindsay right away to determine if you will need a reschedule. 


-Eyebrows should be cleaned up no sooner than 48 hours prior to your session so that you aren't left with red puffy areas around your eyes. Another thing that people don't take into consideration is that when you wax your brows, you remove all the fine baby hairs along with the big hairs you wanted to remove. In a photograph, this looks like naked skin and frankly, its kind of weird looking, so wax those brows in a reasonable amount of time and you'll be fine!

-Nails should be trimmed and clean of debris. Ladies, your nails can be painted or unpainted. If you plan to have painted nails, it should be a fresh coat of paint. Chipped paint just doesn't look good in portraits. I ALWAYS recommend a neutral look, white nails are cool TODAY, but will that be cool in 2 years? Think timeless and classic! If you need a mani, pedi, or nail care, feel free to reach out to Brandi Baltrip, our nail guru. You can book an appointment here:

1/2 Way Snack

2 bottles of water

Comfy walking shoes for mom










Favorite Lipstick for retouches (if not having makeup done in studio) 

ALSO!! Please get in all the water you can in the week leading up to your session! The more water you drink, the better your skin will look and the more you will just GLOW!


*Get a good nights sleep!

*If you're getting hair and makeup, please arrive with CLEAN, DRY hair (no oil and no dampness) and a completely clean face, clear of mascara, eyeliner, and any other product. Our makeup artist will charge you a $10 add on fee if she has to remove your makeup, you can avoid this by arriving with a total clean face. 

*Please arrive to the studio no sooner than 15 minutes before your session. Because sessions often run back to back, you will need to make sure to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you are not having hair and makeup done in the studio, you will need arrive with your hair and makeup completely finished. There will not be time to get your makeup on at the studio if we have not set up your time with the studio stylist. 



Ordering Appointment 

About a week after your session, you will come back to the studio and we will sit together to view your images and place your order. Because your pricing package was sent prior to your session, it is expected that you'll have a budget in mind and I will help guild you though the selection process. Should you need a second ordering appointment, one can be scheduled. All financial decision makers should be present at the ordering appointment. Images will not be available for online viewing. 


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